Bagaar - User Profile

Bagaar learns human behavior from raw location and motion sensor data. They turn IOT sensor data into rich insights about people’s behavior. Bagaar learns from tons of data include time series with events, moments and more long-term user profiles.

Project TypeMobile App
RoleData Analysis, User Research, UX Design

Powering the Solution for

Bagaar empowers the world’s leading companies to create personalized engagement services and products through intelligent contextual recommenders, delivering technology for a new human-centric economy where the user is in control of data.

Bagaar Challange

The goal is to create a visually attractive high-fidelity design of a single view in a mobile application that visualizes the data of a single user for a single day.

Solution of the Challange

- Easy to understand, no help/tutorial required;
- Slick, professional and “sexy” feel;
- Feel the power of the data and its presentation;
- Detection technology is working well, showing enough detail.

The Logic of Layout

The main purpose of this design is to simplify the raw data and arrange it in an accessible and understandable way. That's why I arrange all the information and elements as per its necessity and uses. People usually wanted to see the state of the view/page and basic info of a user, so that I placed them on top. Then, I placed the Segment section on the best accessible place where the user can check all segments easily. After that, the Moments & Events section will appear. By scroll, the user can see the full view of Moments and Events.

More Control and Info of User Information

A user can easily save browsed Individual information by Downloading it. Also, the user can able a keep record against the individual by the Note option. The user will see all necessary basic info of the individual at the beginning of the profile view. So the user can easily justify is this individual important or not.

Slick Segment Section

One of the most prominent parts of this new interface is the Overview/Segment section. This section is easy very to understand, more interactive and informative. A user can get a good observation here about the individual.

Strong Data Visualization

Improved date navigation system with more focused data visualization filter option. Also, we are able to present more (unlimited) metadata underneath every Moment or Event title.

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