Xofia - a decentralized liquidity marketplace

Xofia, a decentralized liquidity marketplace utilizing blockchain technologies, where Business Opportunities Meet Crypto Investors and Exchange Resources to Increase Liquidity and Reduce Market Volatility. I played a key role in shaping the design and product strategy of the company. I developed the initial landing page design and MVP of the application, conducting user research and testing to gather feedback and iterate on the design.

Project TypeLanding Page Design
RoleResearch and UX Design

The Work Process

Conducted Research and Gathered Requirements

began the design process for Xofia's landing page by conducting research into the target audience, competitor sites, and best practices for designing effective landing pages. I also gathered requirements from the CEO and Technical Head, including key features to include on the page and the overall messaging and branding goals.

Defined the Visual Direction

Based on their research and requirements, I developed a visual direction for the landing page, including the color scheme, typography, and imagery. I ensured that the design aligned with the overall brand identity of Xofia and was appealing and engaging for the target audience.

Created Wireframes

Next, I created wireframes of the landing page design, using tools like Google Draw to experiment with different layouts and content placement. They collaborated with the CEO and Technical Head to iterate on the design and gather feedback.

Developed the Final Design

After finalizing the wireframes and prototypes, I developed the final design for the landing page, incorporating the chosen color scheme, typography, and imagery. They ensured that the page was visually appealing, easy to navigate, and effectively communicated the key messaging and branding goals.

Worked with the Development Team

Finally, I worked closely with the development team to ensure that the design of the landing page was accurately implemented and optimized for performance. They provided ongoing design support throughout the development process, collaborating with the team to iterate on the design and troubleshoot any issues that arose.

Visualizing the end-to-end

Combining through our research and brainstorming the different things people do before, during, and after riding allowed me to come up with a broad set of tasks–quickly. I categorized and segmented the tasks into behavioral affinities and aligned content and features. This gave me a way to visualize what existing functionality and content would be useful, what tasks needed support, what opportunities were available to innovate, and also what could be discarded from the existing app.

The Xofia Landing page

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