Fantastic 4 - Only Achievement Matters

Fastastic4 is a daily task management application. The user is able to set only 4 tasks in a day. Alongside all these, the app will have a tips section, where the user will get tips on focus and do things perfectly.

Project TypeMobile App
RoleUser Research, UX & Product Design

Why others Fail

Most of the task manager app fail because we feel so frustrated after using them for 2-3 weeks. Cause we add so many tasks in a day, which is not practically possible to accomplish. Also, we don't know how to set the priority task. Because nobody ever cares about users' vision or goal.

How we fix the issue

- It only focuses on Achievement;
- Figure out how to set and prioritize Tasks;
- Number is just a Number;
- Guide users with Tips on how to laser focus.

Simple Solution for Complex Problem

Straight-Forward Onboarding

A user always uses a task manager app to save their precious time. So it should not take much time to onboard into its system. In Fantastic 4, it's welcoming, straightforward and simple to onboard its user. Just know what it is, where its focus on and signup.

Set Goal to Focus More

To be more productive and do things right or set tasks efficiently users should have a proper Goal. It will help us to focus and add the right task in a day.

Clean & Minimal

Fantastic 4 is fully focused on the principle - Less is More. Increasing the simplicity and using minimal elements, a quick run-through gives a sense of whether the design provides value, is easy to use, and feels well-crafted.

Control According to Need and Comfort

The control and the navigation system are designed as per its necessity. It's not conventional like other applications but its location makes it more convenient and easy to use. Being simple, minimalistic it is clear about what it does and how it works.

All app screens

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